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Workers Compensation


Claims Management

We can deliver:


Planning and Programs

Trinitas consultants are experienced in the planning and implementation of a wide range of workplace safety programs.

We can deliver:


Customised Solutions

Every business is unique in its work environment and challenges. Trinitas can bundle together an assortment of services that will meet your specific needs.

Our customised solutions include:


Workers Compensations Claims Auditing

Our consultants audit your workers compensation matters providing specific advice and remedies that meet the specific needs of your organisation. We also conduct WorkCover NSW Self Audits for our clients utilising the WorkCover Insurer Audit Manual (Catalogue no. WC01591)

Workers Compensation Strategic Advice Service

Our consultants will provide strategic advice that will allow your business to take control of both direct and indirect costs of workers compensation matters.

Work Capacity Assessments

Trinitas can help with work capacity decision making via our holistic, professional and timely assessments:

  • Evidence gathering, including vocational, functional and medical assessments to facilitate work capacity decision making. Click here for more details. 


Advanced Return to Work Planning

For more complex matters our consultants will provide a holistic solution, tailored to your needs and mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. Trinitas has unrestricted access to trained and accredited health care consultants to ensure your employees can return to work as soon as possible.

Injury Management Planning

Planning is crucial to the injury management of employees. Our consultants are available on an “on-call basis” to ensure prompt attention for all compensable and non-compensable injuries.

Our focus, backed with evidence based methodologies, ensures your employee can achieve the best possible rehabilitation program and management of their injury while managing the needs of the business at the same time.

Early Intervention Programs

Studies identify early intervention as critical to the early, safe and durable return to work of injured employees. Our consultants have proven success in the roll out of the following early intervention programs:

  • Soft Tissue Injury Early Intervention Program
  • Psychological Early Intervention Program.

From large to small organisations, these programs have achieved amazing results and encapsulate all claims ensuring measurable results are achieved across the board.

Health Promotion and Wellbeing Services

Trinitas can provide all your health promotion and wellbeing services. We can facilitate the promotion of both a healthy work and home life.

Proven successes of this service include: decreased absenteeism, increased staff retention, increased staff morale and decreased workers compensation claims.

On- Site Customised Solutions

Our medical consultants can be deployed on-site at short notice, sending a strong message that your business takes both prevention and cure seriously.

Our on-site service provides advice and treatment across all disciplines of medicine, allowing your business to take control. On-site services have reaped great reward in geographically remote locations, where quality medical care is not readily available.

Medical practitioners readily available include:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Occupational Physicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Psychologists



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